Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Weekly Sedition Returns to ABQ Ch.27

Starting Thursday, July 1st, at 8PM, The Weekly Sedition returns to Albuquerque Comcast Channel 27.

Your cordial host will be myself, Mike Blessing, with Bill Koehler behind the camera running the technical side of things.

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Friday, June 18, 2010

The 100-Word Challenge

Current mood: amused

New Mexico Turn Around posts a challenge for the rest of us
CHALLENGE: In 100 words suggest a solution for the economic mess toward which we head.
Oh, really?

Here's my response — let's see if I actually need the full 100 words . . .
  1. Cut spending across the board — no special handouts for anyone.
  2. Cut taxes across the board — no special breaks for anyone.
  3. Repeal regulations across the board — no special breaks for anyone.
  4. Repeal bad, wasteful laws across the board — no special breaks for anyone.
  5. Bring the troops home from Iraq, Afghanistan and everywhere else.
  6. Return to a sound money system (gold? silver?) for government transactions.
  7. Repeal legal tender laws.
  8. Repeal any law repugnant to the written U.S. Constitution or Bill of Rights.
I count 80 words.

And I dared to use That Word Which Shall Not Be Uttered In Contemporary Politics — "repeal" — not just once, but four times! Shame on me!

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